2017 Sunbear Sound film festival



10th Place

At 10th place, we have Ronnie & Taylor. They made a video about basketball without subtitles. We think they put a lot of hard work into it. Enjoy.


9th Place

At 9th place, we have Ho Bich San, Pham Thi Kim Hien, Vivian and Anh. They remade the Romeo and Juliet story into a short film. This film seems like it took a lot of time so please enjoy it.


8th Place

At 8th place, we have Miki from grade 7. She made a video about the things in Saigon that she thinks is beautiful. She went to a lot of places so enjoy.


7th Place

At 7th Place, we have Luong, Tom, Jack and Khiem. They made an emotional video about a senior boy who didn’t have much time left to live but he doesn’t want to leave his girlfriend behind. Such an emotional story. #RelationshipGoals


6th Place

At 6th place, we have Phu, Jason, and Tony. They made a film about being a security guard for a day. They also interview our school’s security guard. Enjoy.


Bonus Video

Tony made a bonus video about Quality Education. Enjoy.


5th Place

At 5th place, we have Zac, Kent and Maddie who made a funky video about dating wrong people and some of it’s consequences. Enjoy.


4th Place

At 4th place, have Jul, Sophie, Vy and Paul who made a video about a historical person back in the days where Vietnam was controlled by France. Enjoy.


3rd Place

At 3rd place, we have Conner and Ron who made a video about bullying and getting revenge. They used some good effects featured in the video. Enjoy.


2nd Place

At 2nd place we have Luong, Kevin, Parker, Selena, Cody and Tom. They made a long video named Different that talks about liking the same gender and dealing with it emotionally. Enjoy.


1st Place

Finally, at 1st place we have Vicky and Tran. They made a video teaching us about listening to others. It is very emotional and deep. Enjoy.

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