Sunbear Film Festival







Those who wish to sign up, an information booth will be held by the front office with details.
The contest will take place from March 2nd until April 22th. During that time your video must be created and submitted. This friendly competition is available for all grades. We hope that you and friends partner up to make an incredible video.

There are multiple categories to participate in.  You can choose the genre that best suits you.

The winners and participants will be invited to a red carpet event where the best films will be showed to audience.

–> Sign Up Online: Here



  • You must register to be in the contest
  • All videos must be submitted by the deadline APRIL 6TH
  • The video must be appropriate for school viewing and approved by a teacher sponsor
  • All videos must be your own content (no usage of other video)
  • Video must contain:
    1. Credits
    2. Titles and subtitles
  • All films can be in English or Vietnamese (but English is encouraged)
  1. H.240 – HD 1080
  2. MP4 format
  3. Maximum of 10 minutes long
  • Videos must first be approved by your teacher sponsor and submitted it to Mr. Bill on a USB
  • Video will be judged on:
    1. Storyline creativity
    2. Acting skills
  • Filming and editing skills
  • Video must fall in one of this genres below:
    1. Horror
    2. Romance
  • Comedy
  1. Drama
  2. Action / Adventure
  • What makes a good video?

A clear storyline, great acting, appropriate music and content, bloopers (optional), credits

        –> If you have any remaining questions visit room 404



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