The Rubik’s Cube Solver

The Sunbear Sound does it again. Sophie, Julie and Jason helped put together this incredible video challenging students and teachers to solve the Rubik’s cube. See who can do and who can’t!


Gaming corner : Fran Bow


It took me a long time to wait for a good game . And when I mean good, I do really mean to say it is just – really – good : and Fran Bow is just the case .

To all of you that didn’t know , Fran Bow is an Indie point-click “ brain hacking ” adventure puzzle game who you – in Fran’s place – have to help her find Mr.MidNight – . Of course it is boring at first, but eventually the game gets better after a few minutes of playing . Why ? Because the story plot is all that you can get from a mystery adventure game . Horror , delight , cherish , sadness , delusional , and super – duper “ brain hacking ” .

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Basket Ballin with AAVN

Zac and Amy of grade 10 show us what it was like to be at the SISAC tournament last week.

Hold on to your seats because around about to go for a ride! Great Job and Goooo Sunbears!!!

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