Gaming corner : Fran Bow

It took me a long time to wait for a good game . And when I mean good, I do really mean to say it is just – really – good : and Fran Bow is just the case . To all of you that didn’t know , Fran Bow is an Indie point-click “…

Basket Ballin with AAVN

Zac and Amy of grade 10 show us what it was like to be at the SISAC tournament last week. Hold on to your seats because around about to go for a ride! Great Job and Goooo Sunbears!!!

News and Video Class with Mr. Bill

Check out what our class is like at American Academy. Schools News an Video taught us how to film, edit and produce these fun videos. It has inspired me to make my own videos! We really learned so much in this class and can’t wait to make the next one.

The Saigon Heat Men’s Basketball Team Comes to School

The Saigon Heat Men’s Basketball Team recently came to ISHCMC American Academy for a day of fun and activities. The kids enjoyed getting to know the players and getting to know the game. Our culture of basketball at AAVN is “above the rim”.”The students play every morning, every lunch and every afternoon. There isn’t a moment during…

Christmas Came Early for AAVN’s Basketball team .

Nobody loves Monday, it has been dubbed by EVERYONE to be the worst day of the week. AA students are coming near to the end of the semester and everyone is probably on the edge of their seats to go on a 3 week vacation and enjoy it. Well Monday – November 7th 2015 , the…

AAVN’s Got Talent!

Check out our latest video by the Sunbear Sound! This time we are promoting our upcoming AAVN’s Got Talent show on December 18. Great job to Sophie and Jason of Grade 11! And a special thanks to our interviewers the boys from grades 6 & 7

Exposing Hidden Talents: Violinist

Host Julie explores the school searching for our hidden talents. 11th grader Nhi performs on camera. If you or anyone you know has a hidden talent, please let the Sunbear Sound know in room 404  


  Professor X has psychic powers. Luke Skywalker pilots through the galaxy. Tangled’s Rapunzel’s hair and tears can heal wounds.       “Stories are the results of our imagination.” Who says so? The future is yet unknown, however, humans are constantly reaching for the impossibilities. It is a marathon without an end, but we…

Exposing Hidden Talents: The Yo-Yo kids

Sophie, a member of our club, makes her first contribution to the Sunbear Sound highlighting a group of younger students who are dedicated and skilled with the Yo-yo. These kids are still in middle school yet their talents are fascinating. If any of you have a hidden talent, don’t be afraid and please share it with…