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Mannequin Challenge!!!

AAVN is catching on the trend! Watch the students attempt to be a mannequin! You choose if they did well or epically fail!


Will and Josh Introduce the Saigon Heat!

The Saigon Heat Men’s Basketball Team recently came to ISHCMC American Academy for a day of fun and activities. The kids enjoyed getting to know the players and getting to know the game. Our culture of basketball at AAVN is “above the rim”.”The students play every morning, every lunch and every afternoon. There isn’t a moment during free time that a basketball isn’t bouncing, so this was a real privilege. Josh, Will and other members of the Student News and Video Team contributed to the making of this video  We hope you enjoy it.

Life After School. Behind the Scenes at Some of our ASAs

Follow us around the school as we see what is happening After school. You will get insight about

The Birdie Challenge

The Birdie Battle is coming up! Here is the info:

Period 5 high school health class has created a game only for the Middle School so they can have fun while playing physical activities for our “Leading through Service” project.

The event is called Birdie Battle 2k1. The way you play it is similar to dodge ball, however, we are not using balls but instead we’re using two weighted birdies.

So Middle Schoolers, if you want to participate in this fun game, please see Kenny (10A) or Luong (11A) to sign up in the courtyard during your lunch break or write your names on the self sign up sheet outside Ms. Shin’s room, 205

Exposing Hidden Talents: The Yo-Yo kids

Sophie, a member of our club, makes her first contribution to the Sunbear Sound highlighting a group of younger students who are dedicated and skilled with the Yo-yo. These kids are still in middle school yet their talents are fascinating. If any of you have a hidden talent, don’t be afraid and please share it with us! You will feel great once people know about it.

The Room: Coming soon to a school near you!

The Sunbear Sound produces their first horror movie trailer in preparation for Halloween!

Happy Halloween

Full Moon Festival

Everybody have different interpretations towards this event. One common expectation is people wanted to have a Moon Festival in the school, so in order to make this festival possible, there were a lot of dedication from all the GIN members. We spent hours and days for planning, designing and commuting. We enthusiastically promoted and sold tickets for people to come. In the end, hundreds of people attended the event, and all the games, performances, activities were carried out successfully. The first ever AAVN Moon Festival 2015 was fun and unforgettable!

Full Moon Festival Promo

During September 2015, the GIN members were collecting money from parents and students for the Moon Festival. We would like to say thank you to everyone who donated. Your kind contribution led us to an unforgettable event!

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