Reasons why horoscopes are forever alone

  • Aquarius
    • Aquarius has a funny kind personality. That is why they attract lots of people that are the complete opposites. The main problem with Aquarius is they think that love and marriage are so complicated. They want to be free and alone unless they meet “the one” that they have imagined.
  • Pisces
    • Pisces is a professional romantic. However, sometimes, the things that they are good at could make their relationship go upside down. They can make others get tired easily because they tend to lean on and follow too much.
  • Aries
    • Aries usually lacks sweetness. When they are angry, they can easily scare others away. Since they have a strong personality, they are usually treated as close friends. However, sometimes, Aries just hopes that others might understand and accept who they are.
  • Taurus
    • They will always stay at home watching dramas on their computer, because they believe that true love will eventually come to them. Maybe waiting will not get them anywhere, because there are people who can’t see it if Taurus don’t show it out.
  • Gemini
    • Gemini can easily fall for someone but they do not know whether that is what they want. They have a lot of ways to make their relationship never get too boring. However, this could be a knife with two ends to Gemini. Gemini always follows perfection, so that’s why they are still “forever alone”
  • Cancer
    • Cancers can be sweet and caring but they are too sensitive. They believe in destiny, so if there is someone that they do not like, they will automatically stay away. They tend to think and worry a lot about love.  One advice for Cancers is do not keep thoughts to yourself too much but to share and face the problem together.
  • Leo
    • In a relationship, people who are born under the sign Leo usually a superstar in other heart. They have an attractiveness that is difficult to resist. And that is the reason why Leo have a big ego. Too much that it becomes arrogant. Come on Leo, give love, care to your darling. Dating you is tough, your lover has to stay loyal to you while trying to keep you safe from other fans.
  • Virgo
    • The reason why you Virgo single is that they are too picky with their choices. You are skillful, clever, a type of person that want everything to go perfectly yourway. Don’t patiently wait until you are old because hardly anyone is perfect. Go out there and attempt it.
  • Libra
    • Under the watch of the Venus Eros star, Libra should have so many choices in love. However, you always weigh,  and compare one person to another person. They rely on their first impression to decide whether to continue or stop. That is the reason why people are running away from you.
  • Scorpio
    • Your love is like sand, gently dig it little by little will be more effective than digging everything in one try. However, you are so jealous that you can not even refrain yourself.
  • Sagittarius
    • Do not be too confident that when you tire of running out and coming back, he is still waiting for you. There is a certain time when you turn around, there’s nothing left. Freedom in love is very important, but the value of love is more important. Learn how to appreciate people and your own feeling.
  • Capricorn
    • I know that career is very important for each person, it follow you half of your life. But then don’t forget that love is something that accompany you your whole life. Try to balance out

Stages of a gamer

There are a lot of stages that you’ll go through in your life. It is the same with a gamer. And there are 5 stages that a gamer goes through in order to be like the professionals.

Stage 1 : Playing for fun


This is your entertainment stage. You first see a friend playing a new game with your friends, seems tough but you decide to try that game. And you have fun, lots of fun. For example Angry Birds. You just play it for fun. And when you die : “Ha ha I died, who cares? this is so fun. I’m going to continue playing it.” so as many other games like CS:GO, LOL, DOTA, GunZ, Fallout, GTA, etc..

Stage 2:The Beginner


This is the stage you have a basic understanding of the game as a whole , the game plot , how it’s played , how you win , how you lose , how you do stuff , how you add your friends . It is really easy to know when you’re a beginner or not , it’s when you enter a game and you try to do missions in the game itself that you basically have absolutely no idea that you need to do and where you need to go or who you need to team up with . But you still try to do the mission anyway because , why not , right ?

Stage 3: Know What You’re Doing


This is the stage when you understand probably every single bit of things that you need to know in your game . From where you need to go , what you need to do , what order will you do it , how to done the mission to get an S rank , how will you win strategically , what can you do to co-op with your partner to win , etc.. And you will have your attention fully on the game that you’re playing . FULLY . Like , 100% focus . But everything changed when the Fire Nation attack . ( “ Avatar : The last airbender ” , anyone ? ) Just kidding , not until the upcoming stage .

Stage 4: Competition Mode – Activated!


This is the stage where you’ll be on the edge of your seat, and your mouth will be working at the same time as your brain, hands, and feet when you’re playing. Not only for communication among players, but also to trash talk, mocking people for your own fun and satisfaction. Not only that but you’ll also be getting your attention, energy, commitment and effort, time, food, and sleep in one game. You’ll be even more on the edge of your seat or your butt more than before . And you’ll have NONSTOP communication for the overall situation, asking for help, and trying to back your partner up meanwhile for waiting for someone to come and help you guys out. This stage could either go good or go bad in so many different ways, but there are two overall stages .

Stage 5.1: The Rage Blamer Mode – Full Power Blast !


Either you’ll constantly blaming your teammates for not helping you out, not listening to your instructions , or you are just straight out squaring , blaming , and instructing them what they must do to win this game . But you are still trying to win , just with your anger being the ultimate booster . But you’re still trying to win the thing overall .

Stage 5.2: Rage quit

DdQqSc0No need to say much . You got raged , and then you quit. That’s what rage quitting is all about. And then being such a coward – like you haven’t done it already – you’ll either be AFK ( short cut for Away From Keyboard ) for the rest of the game and watch and still flam and blame your team , or you’ll continue to play later on when the rest of the game is just making your life ten times more miserable.


And then you’ll eventually calm down, play another game, with another team, with different people , and then the cycle repeats . Be aware , that these stages are being experienced from times to times , over and over and again and again and again . It will not stop . And either months or days or how many games that you might go through for it took for you to reach to the last stage – which is either one of 2 endings at the 5th stages . There will be nothing stopping you from playing your games . And then you’ll have a mind of steel just like the professional gamers , Youtubers and other “ calm ” people that you see playing games whether it is online or offline .

Stay healthy playing game and you’ll make great friends along the way .

Gaming corner : Fran Bow


It took me a long time to wait for a good game . And when I mean good, I do really mean to say it is just – really – good : and Fran Bow is just the case .

To all of you that didn’t know , Fran Bow is an Indie point-click “ brain hacking ” adventure puzzle game who you – in Fran’s place – have to help her find Mr.MidNight – . Of course it is boring at first, but eventually the game gets better after a few minutes of playing . Why ? Because the story plot is all that you can get from a mystery adventure game . Horror , delight , cherish , sadness , delusional , and super – duper “ brain hacking ” .

The name Fran Bow is from the main character of the game – which is Fran Bow herself . She is a 10 year old girl who  struggles with mental disorders and has a gruesome fate. She is very naive in what she sees , talks and interacts with and all the tasks throughout the game . It is a story of loss and acceptance .

And if you guys want to know the details , the game play is actually quite detailed and your eyes will easily get fooled if you don’t logically noticing the scenes right . And the plotline is so vague and hidden in the gameplay that you don’t ever actually know what is exactly going on with the protagonist of the game . The game heavily implies a religious , fantasy , sci-fi and mental illness theme into the game .


In game , you’ll oftentimes come face-to-face with another character named Remor, the antagonist of the game,  the one who Fran Bow believes murdered her parents and made her suffer in the asylum . fran_bow_2_by_pingygy-d7glhgoHe is heavily connected with Satanism. But that however, is not actually the case .  




You will also have to encounter Mia & Clara the siamese twins who are separated from each others at birth and been sowned together during the asylum experiment .

Even though they hated one another but their minds are united as one as to take revenge on those that’ve sown their body together . Eventually , Fran met them in her vision when taking the pills . They’re just spirits that got stuck because of an experiment gone wrong .



And duringthe game , Fran are in the need of taking “ the red beans ” which heavily implies as her psychoactive pills which is Duotine , a medicine that is specified for childs in the asylum for their mental states that have two kinds . The yellow ones which has a low concentration of ektoplomatin and smaller side effects and the red ones which has dangerously high levels of ektoplomatin, which cause, at least, severe hallucinations. During the time she encounters Mia & Clara , they stated that they used to use the yellow ones .


While Fran , is using the red one throughout her whole adventure to enter ultra reality .
Although we think that Fran is only “ seeing things ” because of the pills , she is “ crazy enough ” to see messed up things when she’s NOT taking the pills herself too . And just FYI , the pills are SOOOO HEAVILY OUT OF DATES ( I know , right ? What kind of asylum would treat their patients with out of dated pills ? ) .

But although Fran Bow is just as “ crazy ” as she is , she still have a happy open end ending . Spoiler alert , she do get shot in somewhere at the midsection of her body at the last chapter before the ending happens . The game itself are heavily addressed the honorable mentions of mental issues that being misinterpreted and not being taken care of . Such as domestic violent , sexual assaults , rape , family separation and also imaginary friendship with an imaginary creature that turn out to be “ kind of ” real .


The game is also implied about the mistreatment and cruel experiments on mental patients . Not all mental asylums are like that in real life , but back in the old times , they did turned out to be the same just like the game ( Real life facts , folks , real life facts ! ) , and that is WAAAAAAAY back then .  There are actual facts comes from mental studies that are hidden within the game play itself as well , because the HD value and the HQ value of the game is so high , you’ll know it when you see it . Very very easy to recognize .



But overall , Fran Bow is a great point-click brain hacking adventure game that is heavily implied with mental issues theme AND worth your shot at $15 USD CbVasvQVAAAz7Q6

Do you think that I missed out anything ? Do you have any gaming ideas that you want to show to the school ? Mail it to me and we’ll make it last on the Sunbear Sound or the school Magazine . Contact us . At : .

Christmas Came Early for AAVN’s Basketball team .

Nobody loves Monday, it has been dubbed by EVERYONE to be the worst day of the week. AA students are coming near to the end of the semester and everyone is probably on the edge of their seats to go on a 3 week vacation and enjoy it. Well Monday – November 7th 2015 , the local pro basketball team Saigon Heat came to AA and provided a fun lunch for both middle school and high school.12311132_981720391874075_1951983347887947742_n Even though the whole team couldn’t make it we had the 2 two coaches and two of their players coming in and help relieve that annoyance Mondays bring us. The middle school students got to experience drills that the Saigon Heat showed. Kids were showering with sweat and joy all over their face. Lunch was even extended 15 minutes for them to enjoy the experience even more. I can guarantee those kids walking into 6th period with a smile larger than the Burj Khalif, enjoying their last two periods without any laziness.


Onto the high schoolers, oh boy was it intense. I was enjoying it myself. We didn’t do drills with Saigon Heat but we played a little 4×4, which was pretty brutal for the students. Nonetheless we put up a great fight, imagine if the starting lineup was there. It was a fun learning experience that everyone learnt including me. We see bits of physical play when one of the players, Trung a.k.a Troy, drove past one the student knocking his jaws despite the pain everyone was okay and continued playing with the same level of intensity.12342506_981720335207414_4854104574353205618_n Coach David never took it easy, he was throwing passes that we thought were circus passes but it was majestic like a maestro or a ring leader conducting the performance. It was majestic in all ways possible. Well in the end what came out of that scrimmage was some fast paced games that made us feel pumped and ready for the match against RISS.

Thank you Saigon Heat for providing us with such enjoyment on what is supposedly the worst day of the week. It was definitely a great Christmas present for the students.


Image citation : ISHCMC AAVN School Facebook Page .