Reasons why horoscopes are forever alone

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Stages of a gamer

There are a lot of stages that you’ll go through in your life. It is the same with a gamer. And there are 5 stages that a gamer goes through in order to be like the professionals.

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Gaming corner : Fran Bow


It took me a long time to wait for a good game . And when I mean good, I do really mean to say it is just – really – good : and Fran Bow is just the case .

To all of you that didn’t know , Fran Bow is an Indie point-click “ brain hacking ” adventure puzzle game who you – in Fran’s place – have to help her find Mr.MidNight – . Of course it is boring at first, but eventually the game gets better after a few minutes of playing . Why ? Because the story plot is all that you can get from a mystery adventure game . Horror , delight , cherish , sadness , delusional , and super – duper “ brain hacking ” .

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