We are a group of passionate and enthusiastic ISHCMC – AA students who love to make impacts. Through video productions, we deliver meaningful messages to our audience. We make you laugh, cry, jump out of your chair and sometimes, all at the same time.

There are 4 different departments: Events, Free-lance, The Bigs (TEDx & Film Fest) and News Crew (NeC). We devote our talents through variety of ways: writing, directing, filming, video editing, acting, event planning etc.



Leader of GIN and the Sun Bear Sound. Focus: The Bigs

Persona: passionate, free-spirited & a people lover

Value the most: peace of mind

Philosophy: “All things are impermanent.”



Leader of the Sun Bear Sound. Focus: TBD

Persona: warm-hearted, adventurous & untamed

Passions: parkour, soccer and video-making


Leader of the Sun Bear Sound and President of Glee Club. Focus: TBD

Persona: cheerful, humorous & kind

Passions: singing, TV shows.

Belief: People have so many potentials, they just simply forget to use it.

Philosophy: “Accept that nothing is yours.”

Executive Producers


Jackie wants to have a major in Science. With a big motivation and a clear vision, her goal is attainable. She also enjoys having fun and doing the
things she love.

Believe in yourself.”


Julie aims to be happy and to have good relationships with others. She loves to hang out with friends and go shopping. Julie is fun and easy-going.



Thuy (Sophie) is currently the video editor. She is generally quiet, mysterious and kind. She enjoys drawing and crafting.

“The only thing anyone needs to be special is to believe that you can be.”




Tran is a talented singer and a dreamer. She is talkative yet reflective and thoughtful. She enjoys listening to music (especially folk indie). She loves humanity and Harry Potter.



Special Production


She is the temporary writer, designer and editor of this site. Aside from this interest and video-making, she loves road trips, good music and photography. She has an interest in humanity and the beauty of nature. She values the state of well-being and the ability to make a difference.


Nhi works along with Phuong temporarily. She has a big passion for taekwondo, violin and food. Her musical skills are super talented (she excels in playing the violin and piano)!

The Guiders

Mr. Bill  

IMG_3473Mr. Bill Hanrahan has taught social studies in the United States, China and Vietnam. After finishing university, Bill worked for a magazine and radio station in Phoenix, Arizona. He also worked for the History Channel in New York City. He later obtained his Masters degree in Social Studies Education and certification in Special Education. He spends a lot of his time participating in extracurricular activities. His hobbies are fitness, adventure travel, motorcycles and the latest tech products.

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care
― Theodore Roosevelt

Robert Williams

Robert Williams has taught in his home state of California, and then in South Korea, Costa Rica, China, and now Vietnam. He loves learning about different cultures around the world, and the history of each place that he has visited. He could not imagine returning to U.S.A to teach anytime soon. There is just too much to see in the world. He spends most of his time while not teaching working on his Master’s Degree from Arizona State University. He enjoys playing the guitar, surfing, reading, and writing.

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