Reasons why horoscopes are forever alone

  • Aquarius
    • Aquarius has a funny kind personality. That is why they attract lots of people that are the complete opposites. The main problem with Aquarius is they think that love and marriage are so complicated. They want to be free and alone unless they meet “the one” that they have imagined.
  • Pisces
    • Pisces is a professional romantic. However, sometimes, the things that they are good at could make their relationship go upside down. They can make others get tired easily because they tend to lean on and follow too much.
  • Aries
    • Aries usually lacks sweetness. When they are angry, they can easily scare others away. Since they have a strong personality, they are usually treated as close friends. However, sometimes, Aries just hopes that others might understand and accept who they are.
  • Taurus
    • They will always stay at home watching dramas on their computer, because they believe that true love will eventually come to them. Maybe waiting will not get them anywhere, because there are people who can’t see it if Taurus don’t show it out.
  • Gemini
    • Gemini can easily fall for someone but they do not know whether that is what they want. They have a lot of ways to make their relationship never get too boring. However, this could be a knife with two ends to Gemini. Gemini always follows perfection, so that’s why they are still “forever alone”
  • Cancer
    • Cancers can be sweet and caring but they are too sensitive. They believe in destiny, so if there is someone that they do not like, they will automatically stay away. They tend to think and worry a lot about love.  One advice for Cancers is do not keep thoughts to yourself too much but to share and face the problem together.
  • Leo
    • In a relationship, people who are born under the sign Leo usually a superstar in other heart. They have an attractiveness that is difficult to resist. And that is the reason why Leo have a big ego. Too much that it becomes arrogant. Come on Leo, give love, care to your darling. Dating you is tough, your lover has to stay loyal to you while trying to keep you safe from other fans.
  • Virgo
    • The reason why you Virgo single is that they are too picky with their choices. You are skillful, clever, a type of person that want everything to go perfectly yourway. Don’t patiently wait until you are old because hardly anyone is perfect. Go out there and attempt it.
  • Libra
    • Under the watch of the Venus Eros star, Libra should have so many choices in love. However, you always weigh,  and compare one person to another person. They rely on their first impression to decide whether to continue or stop. That is the reason why people are running away from you.
  • Scorpio
    • Your love is like sand, gently dig it little by little will be more effective than digging everything in one try. However, you are so jealous that you can not even refrain yourself.
  • Sagittarius
    • Do not be too confident that when you tire of running out and coming back, he is still waiting for you. There is a certain time when you turn around, there’s nothing left. Freedom in love is very important, but the value of love is more important. Learn how to appreciate people and your own feeling.
  • Capricorn
    • I know that career is very important for each person, it follow you half of your life. But then don’t forget that love is something that accompany you your whole life. Try to balance out

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