Gaming corner : Fran Bow


It took me a long time to wait for a good game . And when I mean good, I do really mean to say it is just – really – good : and Fran Bow is just the case .

To all of you that didn’t know , Fran Bow is an Indie point-click “ brain hacking ” adventure puzzle game who you – in Fran’s place – have to help her find Mr.MidNight – . Of course it is boring at first, but eventually the game gets better after a few minutes of playing . Why ? Because the story plot is all that you can get from a mystery adventure game . Horror , delight , cherish , sadness , delusional , and super – duper “ brain hacking ” .

The name Fran Bow is from the main character of the game – which is Fran Bow herself . She is a 10 year old girl who  struggles with mental disorders and has a gruesome fate. She is very naive in what she sees , talks and interacts with and all the tasks throughout the game . It is a story of loss and acceptance .

And if you guys want to know the details , the game play is actually quite detailed and your eyes will easily get fooled if you don’t logically noticing the scenes right . And the plotline is so vague and hidden in the gameplay that you don’t ever actually know what is exactly going on with the protagonist of the game . The game heavily implies a religious , fantasy , sci-fi and mental illness theme into the game .

In game , you’ll oftentimes come face-to-face with another character named Remor, the antagonist of the game,  the one who Fran Bow believes murdered her parents and made her suffer in the asylum . fran_bow_2_by_pingygy-d7glhgoHe is heavily connected with Satanism. But that however, is not actually the case .  


You will also have to encounter Mia & Clara the siamese twins who are separated from each others at birth and been sowned together during the asylum experiment .

Even though they hated one another but their minds are united as one as to take revenge on those that’ve sown their body together . Eventually , Fran met them in her vision when taking the pills . They’re just spirits that got stuck because of an experiment gone wrong .

And duringthe game , Fran are in the need of taking “ the red beans ” which heavily implies as her psychoactive pills which is Duotine , a medicine that is specified for childs in the asylum for their mental states that have two kinds . The yellow ones which has a low concentration of ektoplomatin and smaller side effects and the red ones which has dangerously high levels of ektoplomatin, which cause, at least, severe hallucinations. During the time she encounters Mia & Clara , they stated that they used to use the yellow ones .


While Fran , is using the red one throughout her whole adventure to enter ultra reality .
Although we think that Fran is only “ seeing things ” because of the pills , she is “ crazy enough ” to see messed up things when she’s NOT taking the pills herself too . And just FYI , the pills are SOOOO HEAVILY OUT OF DATES ( I know , right ? What kind of asylum would treat their patients with out of dated pills ? ) .

But although Fran Bow is just as “ crazy ” as she is , she still have a happy open end ending . Spoiler alert , she do get shot in somewhere at the midsection of her body at the last chapter before the ending happens . The game itself are heavily addressed the honorable mentions of mental issues that being misinterpreted and not being taken care of . Such as domestic violent , sexual assaults , rape , family separation and also imaginary friendship with an imaginary creature that turn out to be “ kind of ” real .


The game is also implied about the mistreatment and cruel experiments on mental patients . Not all mental asylums are like that in real life , but back in the old times , they did turned out to be the same just like the game ( Real life facts , folks , real life facts ! ) , and that is WAAAAAAAY back then .  There are actual facts comes from mental studies that are hidden within the game play itself as well , because the HD value and the HQ value of the game is so high , you’ll know it when you see it . Very very easy to recognize .

But overall , Fran Bow is a great point-click brain hacking adventure game that is heavily implied with mental issues theme AND worth your shot at $15 USD CbVasvQVAAAz7Q6

Do you think that I missed out anything ? Do you have any gaming ideas that you want to show to the school ? Mail it to me and we’ll make it last on the Sunbear Sound or the school Magazine . Contact us . At : .

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