News and Video Class with Mr. Bill

Check out what our class is like at American Academy. Schools News an Video taught us how to film, edit and produce these fun videos. It has inspired me to make my own videos! We really learned so much in this class and can’t wait to make the next one.

The Saigon Heat Men’s Basketball Team Comes to School

The Saigon Heat Men’s Basketball Team recently came to ISHCMC American Academy for a day of fun and activities. The kids enjoyed getting to know the players and getting to know the game. Our culture of basketball at AAVN is “above the rim”.”The students play every morning, every lunch and every afternoon. There isn’t a moment during free time that a basketball isn’t bouncing, so this was a real privilege. Josh, Will and other members of the Student News and Video Team contributed to the making of this video  We hope you enjoy it.


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