Christmas Came Early for AAVN’s Basketball team .

Nobody loves Monday, it has been dubbed by EVERYONE to be the worst day of the week. AA students are coming near to the end of the semester and everyone is probably on the edge of their seats to go on a 3 week vacation and enjoy it. Well Monday – November 7th 2015 , the local pro basketball team Saigon Heat came to AA and provided a fun lunch for both middle school and high school.12311132_981720391874075_1951983347887947742_n Even though the whole team couldn’t make it we had the 2 two coaches and two of their players coming in and help relieve that annoyance Mondays bring us. The middle school students got to experience drills that the Saigon Heat showed. Kids were showering with sweat and joy all over their face. Lunch was even extended 15 minutes for them to enjoy the experience even more. I can guarantee those kids walking into 6th period with a smile larger than the Burj Khalif, enjoying their last two periods without any laziness.


Onto the high schoolers, oh boy was it intense. I was enjoying it myself. We didn’t do drills with Saigon Heat but we played a little 4×4, which was pretty brutal for the students. Nonetheless we put up a great fight, imagine if the starting lineup was there. It was a fun learning experience that everyone learnt including me. We see bits of physical play when one of the players, Trung a.k.a Troy, drove past one the student knocking his jaws despite the pain everyone was okay and continued playing with the same level of intensity.12342506_981720335207414_4854104574353205618_n Coach David never took it easy, he was throwing passes that we thought were circus passes but it was majestic like a maestro or a ring leader conducting the performance. It was majestic in all ways possible. Well in the end what came out of that scrimmage was some fast paced games that made us feel pumped and ready for the match against RISS.

Thank you Saigon Heat for providing us with such enjoyment on what is supposedly the worst day of the week. It was definitely a great Christmas present for the students.


Image citation : ISHCMC AAVN School Facebook Page .


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