Professor X has psychic powers.

Luke Skywalker pilots through the galaxy.


Tangled’s Rapunzel’s hair and tears can heal wounds.

“Stories are the results of our imagination.”

Who says so?

The future is yet unknown, however, humans are constantly reaching for the impossibilities. It is a marathon without an end, but we all have to strive to survive the natural evolution, and make a revolution.

2015 is another great year of innovations, inventions and discoveries. Here are the selections of the most interesting ones. Though many are still under further research, we can all hope for a better future.


_ Cairo, Egypt.

Though the research is still on progress, probably, in the future, we don’t have to use those big, bulky filters anymore. We can turn sea-water to drinkable water in minutes! How? By using pervaporation. The process uses a specific membrane with a specific chemical powder that binds and removes the salt, large particles in the water. The materials needed can be found almost anywhere, the PERFECT option for developing countries. Pervaporation can also filter sewage, polluted water too! Isn’t it convenient or not?


Yeah … we know there is “water” on Mars, butwater-on-mars NASA didn’t only find glaciers this time. There is actual fluid water running through the steep slopes on Mars. These streams of water disappear and reappear according to seasonal change. Where they come from is a mystery to us, but this discovery totally opens the possibility of life on Mars!


A camera that takes maxresdefault (1)perfect quality footages and photos in the DARK, who doesn’t want one? Clear, no greens and guaranteed your inseparable
partner every night out. In December, you will be able to purchase and use this Canon’s first ultra-high-sensitivity multi-purpose camera for $30,000! Too much? Yeah … Save money now! 


Don’t you ever feel discouraged by the fact your ice cream always melts quickly during the summer? Well e6947109ccb28b9e1a73dfaa2a63ba8c07f73f87-1441005462-55e3ff96-620x348worry no more! Researchers in Scotland and Britain have discovered a naturally-occurring protein called BsIA that will connect the fat and air bonds in ice cream, make ice cream withstand longer under the hot sun. In 2018 – 2020, we will be having slow-melting ice cream with creamier, smoother texture to ensure you a summer time fun!


Reading minds is a super power. NOT ANYMORE!1436620442_sales-mind-reading

With the power of science, you can read a person’s mind by using the Brain-to-Text system. The system reads brainwaves and decodes them to human language. Of course, it is limited to brainwaves, not actual thoughts. However, scientists hope to fully develop this method so disabled, paralyzed people who cannot verbally communicate can communicate. How sweet!


No, you cannot glide this around the neighborhood yet (unless the streets are completely made of copper), look on the bright side … It works! 

Hoverboard by Lexus . Coming soon ….

Arx Pax has released its second generation Hendo Hoverboard that relies on magnetic levitation. It only floats an inch above the floor, but it can actually carry a person during motion, and it is no doubt a scientific revolution. The new technological structure also helps to reduce friction while travelling.

Eat that gravity!


There are machines in developed countries that makes living tissues, but we are taking to a whole new level, especially when it comes to budget! 6-kidney prototypeScientists now can reduce such king-sized machines into mini desktop 3D printers. The key is this specially-engineered ink that mixes with living cells inside the machine to form living tissues and organs. Good thing is there is no UV light involved in the process that could harm and damage cells.

Crazy enough? That is Biobot!


Proprio foot is your popular bionic limb, a friend that compensates a broken limb. Now, the new version is literally, a part of you. Withossur_sensor_controlled_bionic_foot  IMES – implanted myoelectric
sensor technology, you will have a bionic limb  connected to your own sensors through an easy 15-minute surgery. You can control your bionic limb naturally with your brain instead of movement efforts now. Plus, you don’t need to charge it!

The company promises to mass produce this bionic foot in the next 5 years.

Break a leg ^^

PHONE CASE THAT CHARGES YOUR PHONEMaxi-Charger-iPhone-5-charger-case

Nikola looks like an iPhone case, but it does more than covering your phone. It has a unique battery that converts signals to usable energy that will be charged directly into your phone’s battery. Though it only charges maximum of 30 percent battery everyday, it is convenient for carrying and convenient when you find yourself running dry towards night time. $99 for one. Do you still need a power bank after knowing this?


Yup! A flying car. To good to be true? AeroMobile has made this idea from the sci-fi movies possible.130509142450-flying-car-tfx-terrafugia-story-top

AeroMobile is a flying car that transforms in seconds from a car to an airplane. It uses gasolines; it is small enough to fit a standard parking space. It can run on roads like a normal car; except for the fact that it can fly hundred meters long. It is still a prototype, but stay alert as you might have aerial traffic jams in the future.


“Like cures like” (dĩ độc trị độc) is a popular idiom used in medical professions. Researchers have always thought of possibilities that poison or types of diseases can kill cancer. Now you get to look at a scope of how your Terry Fox Run money is being used.Personalized-cancer-vaccine

While doctors were researching about women’s cancer in pregnancy, they found a similarity between the placenta and the tumors that allows armed malaria proteins to release a toxin and kill cancer cells. The mice survived this vaccine and recovered remarkably, but will the results stay the same for humans? We don’t know yet. Though it is dangerous, cancer vaccine is not an impossible task.

What an explosive year! What are you expecting to be invented, innovated or discovered in 2016? Send us your comments.

We are bit by bit turning imaginations into reality.

Written by Helen (Dang Thi Thuy Anh).


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