Professor X has psychic powers. Luke Skywalker pilots through the galaxy. Tangled’s Rapunzel’s hair and tears can heal wounds.       “Stories are the results of our imagination.” Who says so? The future is yet unknown, however, humans are constantly reaching for the impossibilities. It is a marathon without an end, but we…

Mannequin challenge

What is  Mannequin challenge? Mannequin challenge is where people remain frozen in action like mannequins while a moving camera films them. Let’s see some of our version of Mannequin challenge.

Reasons why horoscopes are forever alone

Aquarius Aquarius has a funny kind personality. That is why they attract lots of people that are the complete opposites. The main problem with Aquarius is they think that love and marriage are so complicated. They want to be free and alone unless they meet “the one” that they have imagined. Pisces Pisces is a…

Stages of a gamer

There are a lot of stages that you’ll go through in your life. It is the same with a gamer. And there are 5 stages that a gamer goes through in order to be like the professionals. Stage 1 : Playing for fun This is your entertainment stage. You first see a friend playing a…

The Rubik’s Cube Solver

The Sunbear Sound does it again. Sophie, Julie and Jason helped put together this incredible video challenging students and teachers to solve the Rubik’s cube. See who can do and who can’t!